Patients Success Story

Success Story:-

A heart wrenching story of Mrs. Pavithra

Hi I am pavithra unfortunately I was born with serious diseases. My first visit to Amritakripa Hospital was in 2015, when I was waiting in OPD que for consultation I was so anxious, worried and scared about how I will be received here with my disease… but! When I received by a smiling face…  All my stress, tension were relieved.. it was Dr. Sowmya.. with whom I   shared all my pain & agony and she just heard everything very patiently, listened to me carefully…….. Then she started giving me an affectionate counseling that made me very relaxed.. I could feel the ease that all my worries are going away… she made me comfortable and then started the treatment.   I could see a silver line in my life since the day I met Sowmya mam, it gave me a confidence to lead my life normally like others. When treatment started I had to undergo 7 different surgeries for different kind of health problems which was the most difficult part in my life. I wanted to enjoy the mother hood even with so much of difficulties, with proper guidance check yourself in, precautions & treatment I became a pregnant.  Unfortunately my pregnancy period was also not joyful click here for more, I had to struggle with many problems, at one stage I was about to lose my unborn little one in my womb itself.. it was a biggest nightmare in my life.  I lost all my hopes.. Still there is one hope left, it is “AMMA”.. I believed in Amma and prayed for my little one… and I wondered, I had my baby in my hand.. its all  with the blessing and grace of Amma and a dedicated care & treatment from Dr. Sowmya madam.  I became max mature a mother for baby girl when I saw my baby’s’ face for the first time I was in cloud nine, I can’t explain how much happy I was.. that day was the best day in my life…

I thank from the bottom of my heart to “Amma” and Dr. Sowmya madam, its “Amma’s grace and dedicated treatment from the doctor made me to pursue my dream, now I am happily living with my family and I am in regular touch with Sowmya madam for any help or treatment. My limited lifeline now seems to be extended to hundred years because “Amma’s Grace”- Thank You Amma

Infertility Success Story:-

18 years long unhappy saga of Chennajamma:

Hi I am Chennajamma this is my miracle story:  After I got married we were living very happily running a own small laundry shop. There was one thing which was making us unhappy is Childlessness. Initially we had lot of hopes that almighty will never abandon us he will definitely grace us with a baby… “When years started shedding like dry leaf our life is also becoming like a bare tree without a life, literally there was no livingness in our life”, we went to all kinds temple, did all kinds of Pooja, we gave offerings, met many doctors for the treatment… but all promises vanished and every time the result was the same… still we were childless!!! Then on fine day I came to know about this hospital, I met one of the staff nurse Mrs. Suma Manjunath who is working here as nurse for many years.  I checked with her about the doctor she gave me positive response. But initially I thought it is not any use, I will be hearing the same even if go there and just neglected it & I didn’t turned up to hospital.   Then Suma sister came to me and gave me counseling and made me to have a hope again and told to believe in Amma, she will definitely grace you & will see positive result with her.  The positive counseling made me and my husband to visit Amritakripa Hospital in the mid of 2016. When we met Dr. Sowmya madam after the whole of our history is briefed with her then explained in detail about the problems and she gave us counseling then showed us the way to have a baby.  With her guidelines, counseling and treatment we decided to undergo a procedure in the name of Amma..  in the first attempt itself  we hit a jackpot and result came positive!!!! after coming to know that I am going to enjoy my motherhood “I was flattered!!! I didn’t believe my ears because my 18 years unhappy saga“ is ended. It all happened because of devotion treatment from Dr. Sowmya madam. Now I have baby girl who fulfilled our heart & home with full of joy thanks to Dr. Sowmya Madam kush capital

Gastroenterology Case:-

Depression or Lay man opinion “Exorcism” Case:

I am Mahesh who got a second life in Amritakripa Hospital only because of Dr. Vikas Modi sir now I am happily living with my parents and with my younger brother my whole family thanks Dr.  Vikas Modi sir from our bottom of heart including me for his outstanding service to our family, this is how my story begin,

I was 13 year old when I got admitted here by my parents because I was unable to intake any kind of food, this kind of symptoms was there with me for past 1 month. I was under severe depression & had consumed phenol at wash. parents decided that I am in some one’s “Bad Omen” my parents started ran behind all kinds of Pooja and baba’s visiting but still no improvement in my health condition then my parents took me to St. John’s Bengaluru for medical treatment no improvement and then moved to next big hospitals still unable to crack my case when finally someone referred to Amritakripa Hospital we came here and got admitted for treatment then next day Dr. Vikas Modi sir took me to Endoscopy procedure after that procedure a bitter truth reveled that I was self-poisoned by drinking Phenol when I was in that condition this incident was not came to my parents awareness because of this incident my esophagus and stomach was totally blocked due to chemical reaction. Then Doctor counselled my parents how these things happened my parents explained to doctor my strange behavior next moment doctor understood it was a case of depression immediately he called Psychiatrist for my counselling along with this my treatment took 6 months long I was undergone 6 time “balloon dilation” which cost 13,000 each procedure but Dr. Vikas sir made it only for 3,000 per procedure which reduced not only our economically burden but morally upheld us and he stand in front of us like Demigod who came to rescue me from my struggling at medikamente ohne rezept.